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About bloody time, I hear you say!!

I think we can consider this year’s Gothcamp a success.

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Gothcamp this weekend!!!


Mr Pxx was too slow in burning this year's Pop Quiz Soundtrack to Gothcamp so we will bring them with us & hand them out at the picnic. It'll have to be home time music instead of intro music.



If any-one is interested in going & missed out on accom, I received the following email from Michael at the Star:

Hi Tina,

Due to a cancellation, we now have 3 rooms available on the 3rd.

Cheers, Michael

Come on, it'll be fun!!


Thanks to all who responded about the picnic.

It seems the vote is for picnic at the picnic ground thus using the tables. Can't promise there will be as much decorating as last year (not sure I'm up to that three hour set up again) but we'll be pretty easy to spot nonetheless.

Picnic starts at midday.

Stringers Creek Park.

Left hand side of the road as you enter Walhalla opposite the corner store.

BYO everything only not too much (we always have far too much left over)

A reminder not to wait until you get to Walhalla to get your picnic supplies. The General Store really only has masterfood dip & stale corn chips....if you're lucky. ;-)

so the next topic for discussion:

The Welcome picnic.

In the picnic ground? Where we have comfy tables & seats & can generally scare the cr*p out of any-one else in the area.


The Rotunda. Smaller numbers make this an option, and the restorations are now complete. Menas sitting on the ground & the sharing food thing is tricker, but no doubt has a certain nostalgic charm.

Remember - the picnic is open to any-one wanting to come to Gothcamp just for the day. BYO everything (only not too much - we always have waaay too much food. :-)


Hey Team,

During previous discussions regarding dinner for Gothcamp many people expressed an interest in still having dinner at The Star.

The Star has a large group in for the week-end so I wasn't sure if they would be up for us.

Turns out they are!!

Dinner will be $45 per head. We will need to pre-order during the day (which is fine, we can do that over the picnic). We will be in the conference rooom which Michael has also waived the fee for AND we can use it for Trivia (depending on time).

I would imagine every-one would like to take advantage of this dinner option but if for some reason you do not, please let me know so i can organise with The Star.




After the last post it seems most folks wanted to opt for Trivia rather than a Treasure Hunt or other so Trivia it is. It is almost finished, just a few photos to take & we're done. Yes, it is as silly, self centered and fun as ever, although with a few new twists.

Mr Pxx has not been privy to this years questions so he will be available for team joining if numbers dictate that would be best.

Michael seems to think that the Chef at the Star may well be happy for us to do dinner there...he just needs to find a time when Chef is not too cranky to make sure we get the best outcome. More details to follow.

Still one room availbale at The Star if you're interested in joining us....and there is one more cottage in town which we can access, although it is much more down market in comparison to the other options. Let me know if you want details.

There was a request for a town walking tour. I doubt I will have enough time to complete it by Gothcamp. It is actually next on the podcast agenda but the research & writing will take more time than I have currently. Noty to say you can't pick my brains, or we can discuss points of interest along the way from my own unverified knowledge!

There will be a few newbies at Gothcamp this year so I am happy to re-run the cemetery reading if there is enough interest.....I guess we can sort that on the day.

Picnic at midday as always......Rotunda? Picnic Ground? For those who have been before...preferences?

Options options options.


Now that we have bookings for Gothcamp under way I would like a little input into how you want the evening's entertainment to run.

I am still waiting on info from Michael re dinner but I am now focussing on after dinner entertainment.

The Ghost Tour is a possibility for some.

We usually run trivia after this, which we can still do if you like.

I did toy around with the idea of a murder mystery, however I don't think I have the time to write one & we have too many folks to utilise a standard shop bought one, so no go there.

I did however consider writing a Treasure Hunt focussed on Windsor House & surrounding areas. This would not be a competitive activity (not that Trivia is really competitive - more of a bit of a joke but still...)

Or does any-one else want to suggest something they would prefer?

Let me know what you would like as I will need to start organising pretty soon.




All systems GO!!!

Following discussions held on Saturday night it looks like we might have all the rooms at Windsor House AND one of the cottages booked out!!


I am waiting for a call back from The Star to see if they have any rooms left for those who have left it too late to book at Windsor House.

I am also investigating the option of whether Michael might still book in dinner for us at Parkers Restaurant - I guess that depends on what his bookings are looking like & what other stuff is happening around that time for him. If he is willing, we can then take a show of hands as to which dinner option we want to go with.

I am very much looking forward to this year's Gothcamp - new faces, old faces, new venue, old town. Should be a giggle.