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Only one room left at Windsor House!!

Bookings have been going well. There is only one room left at Windsor House.

The Star had limited places but they were not being held for us so I am not sure how those places are going.

There are cottage options available only they are a little more pricey.

Get booking Gothcampers - looking forward to seeing you!!

Roll call

I seem to have lost track a little.

Gothcamp - Walhalla 3rd - 4th October.

Who has actually booked?

Where are you staying?


Star Hotel

OK, those of you looking to specifically book at The Star will need to be very quick.

They only have three rooms available and they are not specifically on hold for us.

Ask to speak with Michael directly & tell him you're part of Gothcamp.

03 5165 6262


Windsor House A-OK

Just spoke to Kath at Windsor House.

All systems GO!!! for 3rd-4th October.

When booking you must say you are with Gothcamp as she has closed the house to all other bookings.

Please make your bookings directly with Kath on 5165 6237.

I am just awaiting a call back from Michael to see if there is space at The Star for those who specifically requested it.

Don't forget that if the shared bathroom thing at Windsor House puts you off there is also the possibility of booking one of Kath's self contained cottages.


We're going to Gothcamp.

We're going to Gothcamp.


Roomie and lift Wanted

In a fortuitous turn of events I will still be in Melbourne while Goth Camp is on and I would love to attend, however being on a very tight budget I will need to share a room with somebody who would also be willing to make a booking please (I can provide a deposit to you if required). The potential twin room at the Windsor would be ideal, but failing that I'm happy to share anywhere in town. For those that haven't met me, I'm 44 and a non-smoker (not that that matters anymore with the non-smoking laws), who sometimes has limited mobility due to fibromyalgia (however I haven't needed a walking stick for months, yippee!) and would prefer to share with another woman but if you're male and I know you and/or have previously shared a room with you (Lachlan, Damien etc.) that's ok too.

I also require a lift to Walhalla and back to Melbourne please. This need not be with my roomie and I will contribute money for petrol etc. as well as meet at a mutually convenient location in Melbourne if required.

Please email me at redcountess @ gmail.com. Thanks!

Accom stuff


The question has been posed whether it is OK to still stay at the Star if we're shifting the focus of the week-end to Windsor House.

The answer is ABSOLUTELY

The only thing is that Michael will not be block booking the Star for us as he has done in previous years so you will need to get in early.

If you are booking at either venue (or one of the cottages in town) can you please let me know just so I can keep track of how many folks will be around.


Vote for your favorite hotel...

For those who have been to Gothcamp before, Michael at The Star is currently in the running to be listed in Victoria's top 100 places to stay. He could use our support.

Go here to vote:


OK so I am a little biased but it will help Michael if we all put in a vote for him!!


Pardon the x-post :)


How would you like to stay in an authentic historical haunted house for the next Gothcamp?

As the credit crunch hits and things are getting tighter I am contemplating moving the base for Gothcamp to Windsor House.

This is the large brick building behind the Star. I have spoken to the owner of Windsor House & she is quite amenable to the idea.

The rooms have shared bathroom facilities (The Aberfeldy Suite is already spoken for - sorry) and only one of the rooms can be converted to a twin, but the price point on the rooms is lower than The Star.

Another advantage is that Windsor House does a cooked breakfast in the morning (something I really really wish The Star did - alas to no avail).

Kath has also agreed to let us use the downstairs lounge area for our evening entertainment. She is not a chef so has said that we are welcome to self-cater for dinner, which may also prove an attractive option.

If we manage to book out all the rooms I have also arranged to get access to the haunted attic where Johannes Gloz is said to walk. This is also where the original undertakers sign was re-used as part of the floor boards. It is an absolutely fascinating space.

If we have too many to book at Windsor House we can utilise Jacombs Cottage, a little way down the main street, which has a master bedroom then a second bedroom which can either be a double, or a twin, which is housed in a separate building adjacent to the cottage.

As per the previous post we are looking at October 3rd & 4th for Gothcamp.

We would still begin the week-end with a picnic, either in the newly restored Rotunda or in the picnic ground (depending on numbers) and then see where the rest of the week-end takes us.

So what do you think?

EDIT: Just so you know, I did speak to Michael about this before posting. He is completely fine with it so no need to feel we are betraying his long term support of this event.

Dates...and not of the palm fruit variety

So earlier posts indicated that folks may have wanted to attend a Gothcamp around September/October time.

Should we start to look at dates?

Which of the following dates would you attend Gothcamp on?

Sept 12/13
Sept 19/20
Oct 3/4
Oct 10/11

Shall we? Shan't we?

A few folks have asked me whether Gothcamp (or Walhallaby as some prefer to call it) will be happening this year.

My answer would be: depends on whether there is enough demand for it. This has always been a little tenuous.

So let me pose the question - If gothcamp were to run this year would you attend?

If you want to attend would you prefer it to be in:
Later in the year (say Sept/Oct)?

If there is enough interest then I can talk to The Star & see if they can block out a date for us.