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About bloody time, I hear you say!!

I think we can consider this year’s Gothcamp a success.

Having switched venues to Windsor House this year, one of Walhalla’s oldest and only surviving brick building (and supposedly haunted to boot) this year’s Gothcamp was soaked in history & homeliness.

Cath & Darrin had handed over the keys to their wonderful mansion and I delighted in welcoming people into Windsor House as if it were my own home.

Although Gothcamp didn’t officially start until the midday picnic on the Saturday, many folks had decided to make a long week-end of it and arrived on the Friday night which made for a relaxed start to the weekend. Mr Pxx had the open fire roaring and plenty of red was consumed. Hand knitted scarves made from black shiny SP Beta television tape, little booklets & bats adorned each bed. I think folks liked the personal touch.

ibeloved & usekh were the first to arrive and ibeloved’s non-lj, non-goth friend joined soon after. After settling them into their respective room & cottage we adjourned to the pub leaving a sign on the door for the others. One of the things I love about Walhalla is that it is so contained & easy to find people. If they are not at their accom, they are bound to be at the pub. *giggle*. Bob cooked us up a pub grub feast & a few cleansing ales were downed, as you do. horngirl & alchemnon soon joined us after a stop over in *cough*Moe*cough*. Then back to that cosy lounge in Windsor House and silverblue & brandtrotter arrived a little after dark. I love Friday nights in Walhalla, every-one is too tired to be shy or overly stressed. It’s like one collective sigh of relaxation as the country atmosphere seeps into our collective black bones.

Saturday started with a cooked breakfast (one thing Windsor House definitely has over the Star) and I left every-one to their own devises while I went & set up the picnic ground. Second year is always much easier than the first and I had the chiffon draping, black linen & purple fur chair covers all set up in plenty of time.

Pumpkin Soup on the stove was bubbling as every-one arrived to share a divine feast of cheeses, breads, dips, sausages (sausages!) and some fabulous brownies hand made by usekh. We had a number of visitors call in to take our photos, and even more people slow down to stare at the volumous billowing chiffon fluttering in the breeze. natalya_dostova & TB joined us at this point and our little gathering was complete.

After the picnic a few of us took the 4WD tour while others retired to the Grey Horse for coffee and then back to the cosy fire & chesterfield goodness of Windsor House.

We then decided to try to provoke the spirit of Johannes Gloz. German Jack was a well known character in town. He & his son hand made all of the bricks, 90,000 in all, and then built Windsor House with them. As well as being a builder, he was also an undertaker. He was said to be staunchly anti-Christian & forbade his Catholic wife from having a bible in the house. It is said he walks the boards of the servants quarters, which are usually off limits to guests.

But as we had free reign of the house, and with the owners’ permission, we opened the attic stairs to the servants quarters, did a bit of exploring and left a couple of bibles up there to see if we could get German Jack to respond.

Dressed to the nines we wandered over to The Star for a fabulous dinner. More double takes in the restaurant as we wandered through to the conference room. Always makes me laugh. I can’t blame people. After all, we do look fabulously impressive wandering in a gaggle of Goths through any venue.

We skipped the Ghost Tour this year in favour of Trivia back at Windsor House. There was much debate & groaning at the really bad jokes & the obvious answers that people missed but it was all in good humour & in the end no-one really cared who won or lost. For the record ibeloved & brandtrotter won the competition this year and were awarded a pair of scary rubber ducks kindly donated by blithespirit & another friend.

After packing down we gathered around the open fire & chatted, crocheted, laughed & wondered whether the ghosts would disturb our sleep. As expected most of this party goth crowd were abed by the witching hour. Soooo hardcore. :)

Sunday dawned & over another cooked breakfast, and the odd berocca or two, discussions were had on whether the ghosts had visited. TB told of a numb cold feeling in the middle of the night like some-one was clutching his arm. I do also have to say the the bathroom door in our room closed rather unexpectedly, but it is a drafty old house so I don’t want to draw too many conclusions. Certainly the bibles in the roof space had not moved, despite being positioned over the two areas where possible activity took place - *shrug * Draw your own conclusions from that one.

Sitting out at The Grey Horse on the Sunday morning people slowly started leaving the valley. Some of us braved the rain & took the mine tour, walking back along the alpine way as the mist came into the valley.

On a personal note, I managed to talk my way into another Walhalla Cottage, this time Elliots Bakery, or as usekh calls it “the uber haunted house”. Additionally I discovered that the owner knew who I was and had offered to discuss the cemetery tour with me. He is on the Walhalla Board of Management.

Later in the afternoon a few more took the train ride, while natalya_dostova did her best cuddly koala impression in the back of the car.

I knew TB, an engineer, had an interest in train engines so I went to have a quiet word in the Engine Driver’s ear and managed to get him a position up in the engine for the first leg of the tour from Walhalla to Thomson Station. He can now say he has done something in Walhalla that I have not been able to do!!

The final gothcampers headed out of town at about 4.30pm on Sunday and we were not long behind them.

All in all, even though it was a smaller crowd than in pervious years, I think it was thoroughly enjoyed by every-one who attended. I know I certainly enjoyed it.



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Oct. 20th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
Really sorry and envious that I missed it, especially the train ride, and the mine tour (which I haven't done before), but very glad everyone had such a fabulous time! The ways things are going I'll probably still be around for the next one, so count me in for that.
Oct. 21st, 2009 02:52 am (UTC)
From this years lush / cuddly koala, thank you very much for a lovely weekend. Even though I spent most of it either on the chesterfields or asleep. TB loved the ride with the engineers up the front, he talked about it all the way home - thank you for organising that for him!
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